Curt Fissel (Director/Director of Photography/Editor) began his career as a news cameraman with an NBC affiliate station, then moved to NJN (PBS) where he became Chief Photographer and Manager of News and Documentary Staff. Credits at NJN include cinematography, editing and producing on over 18 years he has been working with Ellen, directing, photographing and editing eight documentaries for national PBS audiences, film festivals and other international events, with two more documentaries to be released in 2014. Curt and Ellen also run corporate video production business Voices & Visions Productions.

Ellen Friedland (Producer/Writer) also produced, wrote and researched eight documentaries widely distributed to PBS stations and screened at worldwide events; awards received include several silver Tellys, Summits, Hermes, Communicators, and others. She began her career as an attorney, serving as a law clerk to a US District Judge in NY and as a consultant to NJ bioethics commissions. She then became the founding and an award-winning political correspondent for a NJ weekly, through which she found stories that led to documentary making. She has written articles for numerous publications and has had her poetry exhibited. In 2014 she was honored to be selected as one of the Best Fifty Women in Business in New Jersey.

Ed O’Neill (Narrator) plays Jay Pritchett in the popular current TV series Modern Family. He also played the iconic Al Bundy in Married With Children for more than ten years and has starred in countless TV shows, movies, and theater productions. He said he chose to narrate the documentary because: “This co-op puts food in the mouths of kids. The documentary can raise awareness about it, which will ensure better food, medicine and education for the farmers.”

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